Friday, September 7, 2012

Week 36 Predictions

I'm really late with this one since this week has been obsessively busy.

Cards for the week were:


Theme of the week: Tower
Tower is not only loneliness, independence & authorities but also things from past. There are positive cards around Tower so I expect this means the positive sides & good things happening.

First of all, my week started with my most dreaded Viva & final project presentation. Something went wrong & I swear I'd have killed myself if my insticts had not told me to take some extra preparatory measures. My instincts helped me & everything went very well, far far better than my expectation. This I can say that Clover had brought me luck with the Panel members and I could see their appreciation (Tower-Moon).

Left arm:
Rider - Cross - Moon
A negative message or person comes which brings some emotional pain. This week I have had 2 messages actually that upset me great deal. I can say because sometimes we believe we have moved past certain things in life, but then they just come & stare at us in our face & its very annoying.

Right arm:
Clover - Tree - Mice
Tree-Mice is a bad sign & that too because Mice is the last card. I just banged my foot with the steel door really bad & m afraid it might have hurt the muscle or the ankle joint & I also messed my thumb on the motion ride. I'm feeling very bad now.

Other information: I have three 6's and two 7's which means a get together & social engagements & life changes & trust me I can feel both happening because of each other at the same time.

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