Monday, August 20, 2012

Week 34 Forecast (update)

Week 34 Forecast
Cards Analysis:
I just wrote a post about 10-Scythe yesterday and I used Scythe-Ring as an example. I here have Scythe-Ring reflecting/mirroring each other. I guess time to revise the lesson.

The theme of the week is Clover. Keywords are luck, hope, small happiness, small gain, opportunity, a small surprise. So this week is all about knowing I have the small window where the lady luck is on my side (literally- see the cards) so I should make the most of it.

Other combinations:
Clover - Moon = emotional happiness
Clover - Scythe = unexpected or sudden opportunity, a surprise
Clover - Tower = work opportunity or happiness which comes from being alone & self reliant
Clover - Lady = lady luck
Clover - Ring = small surprise or happiness in a contract/relationship
Clover - Cross = diminished luck, happiness doesn't matter any more

Left arm:
Moon - Scythe - Tower
Whats to the right is under threat, or cut off from, so I will probably say good bye to being alone and independent. This will result in some instant or sudden recognition or success.

Moon - Cross = emotions put to test, what others think does not matter now
Scythe - Ring = end of a relationship/partnership
Tower - Lady = a lonely, independent lady

So this looks like a threat or breaking a relationship/partnership resulting in a higher sense of gratification where what others think does not matter for this lonely lady who is not going to stay inside her shell now.

So this Scythe-Ring has been three things: For one, my final semester's result has been announced so this is like a relationship & commitment towards my studies ending (finally!). The second is I feel I'm free from a bond which I believed existed between someone & me. Somehow, somewhere they lost my trust & I do not feel that much attached to them now. For third, The Ring-Cross is like a relationship to pain, worries and burdens. I guess I have freed myself from useless worrying too about the project, about this and about that, so many things & I do feel so relieved and so happy now.

Right arm:
Lady - Ring - Cross
This lady is under stress because of this burdensome relationship or this lady is having a deep connection with pain and fate.

Lady - Tower = lonely but ambitious lady
Ring - Scythe = unexpected partnership, the danger to partnership passes
Cross - Moon = feelings and dreams become important.

So this lady is feeling burdened because of this relationship which is not so important now (Ring-Cross) but the relationship does not break, the danger will simply pass and she will realize she needs to trust her instincts more often.

The unexpected partnership bit rose when I was discussing the project problem with someone (a friend) and then he offered his help. He was hunting down every IT guy he knew and finally he found someone who could help me. Then I have forward the documents and everything to him and now waiting for some miracle otherwise I have to develop a Plan B. 

The Ring-Cross has been very nerve-wrecking. Both the contract I had with the developer and the personal connection I had with this guy, are getting on my nerves because both are not going anywhere.Its so heart-warming.

Extra Information:
I pulled an extra card coincidently, I lost count. This happened before and that card turned out to be important. Lets say it was the 8th card like the deck wanted me to know what comes after the Cross. That card was 17-Storks. A change is coming, indeed.

I have been expecting things to change before I start with the next month because I'm finally saying good bye to my student life & yay it does feel so wow.

I have 3 6's = social engagement, party, or get-together. oh yes I totally expect it this week
I have Two Aces : Leadership & authority

There have been more than one social engagement or gathering this week. This is why I have not been updating this week's forecast before Sunday. The Leadership & Authority bit talks about someone very "fifty shades" of love.

Looking forward to this week's great lessons

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