Sunday, August 19, 2012

10- Scythe


Iris Treppner: Danger, aggression, pain, sharp objects, harvest

Britta's : Sudden beginning, Sudden end, assertiveness, authority

French Cartomancy deck LWB: The sharp side of the sythe can indicate danger, cutting, pain, sharp objects, accidents, an operation. The blunt side can denote a harvest.

Like you can see Britta associated different meanings to this card than the other two even though the scythe points in same direction. According to Britta the pointed side is a sudden start to something to the right, and the side it points away from is a sudden end e.g Scythe + Ring is sudden start of a relationship & Ring + Scythe is an end to a relationship while Treppner's would be scythe + Ring, a threat or danger to a relationship and Ring + Scythe the threat or danger to relationship has passed.

Now my theory, this card has two sides. There is side towards which the scythe is apparently cutting, there is the other side, where the scythe is pointing away from. This is a negative card in my list and I specially pay attention to what is towards the right side of the Scythe (because my Scythe points to right, you take a look at your scythe and work accordingly). This is what I'll probably be cutting, inflicting pain, or simply moving away from. When I had Scythe + Garden I caught cold thus I had to stay inside all the time. When I had Scythe + Dog, my friend was mad at me for no apparent reason, when I had Lady-Scythe-Man I broke up with a man suddenly. The thing with this card is that you never know how it happens, but it happens just in a go, just like that, and you have already lost that thing next to the pointed side for all you know.
As far the side which the pointed edge is away from, is something you are left with, unexpectedly. I used the word "unexpected" as the adjective or modifier for this card. Ring + Scythe will be my unexpected partnership and Scythe + Ring will be my threat to a relationship or cutting off from a relationship/contract.
You have to practice and see what works for you. May be for you its the other way around.

As a Person: This is a person who has a sharp tongue. He is aggressive, very quick and impulsive, random and spontaneous. This person is also hasty.

As an advice: This card tells you to take a decision and a quick one. Do not think much, just do it.

In Love Readings: This card is a danger and a threat if the pointed edge is towards the Ring or Heart. If Scythe is the last card in the spread, expect the unexpected and I cannot assure it will be something good but its way better than having Scythe + Ring or Scythe + Man as your last cards.

Astrologically: Treppner associates Uranus, the planet of upheaval and surprises. Mystical lenormand shows the Chiron on this card which is the pain which makes you heal others. This is the area of life where we feel pain or wounded. Both decks are looking at two aspects of the symbol and both are correct in essence.The Scythe is unexpected and the surprise card and it also inflicts pain and it points the area where it hurts the most.  

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