Sunday, August 12, 2012

19 Tower

Key words for this card:

Iris Treppner: Public authorities, court, enterprise, loneliness, Office & authority, independence, diligence, isolation, discipline, ambition, boundaries, city limits, also separation and/or divorce

Brigitte Kienle: School, education, work

French Cartomancy deck: Big, tall, borders, government, official, loneliness, arrogance. A big building ... look to the cards following to explain. ie; Tower + Tree = hospital, Tower + House = apartment block, high rise ... Independence. A large corporation.

Other meanings: The course of your life, life long ambitions, something or someone from past, protection

General meanings: As it depends on the question but this card represents authorities in a reading. It can be any "official" influence to your question, a court, a government institute, anything that is too high. This card also represents ambitions which are beyond your reach, the goals which will take long time and lot of independence on your part.

Another very important side of this card is isolation. This is not the isolation which is beyond your control i.e feeling of being left out or left behind, rather it is more like shutting others out. Sometimes we feel vulnerable and we need to protect ourselves this is where we tend to isolate ourselves, both physically and emotionally. I guess this is why the Mystical lenormand associates the meaning protection with this card. This is not the card which makes you feel stressed, or down. Its rather making the positive out of the isolation. You feel more independent, secure, bold & confident.

Representing a person or next to a person card this card tells us this person is very ambitious and very disciplined. You do not try to change the way they behave or act because they will probably just not listen to your advises anyway.

As an advice this card tells you to be headstrong. have a spine, stand tall with your head held high, and also keep an unbiased view of the situation. Separate yourself emotionally from this situation because your emotions are probably messing with your head right now.

In love readings this card shows when one or both people have gone cold and withdrawn. Its not because they want to chicken out, its simple because they just don't feel like it any more. More like emotionally closed off. In several instances this card has indicated separation. This separation is final if Ring is involved, its done willingly if Flowers are nearby and it will result is you feeling stressed of Mountain is closer. It can be a temporary shut off too look for surrounding cards. If Anchor or Tree are present around, they will take a while coming back in their own.

Astrologically, both Treppner and Mystical lenormand associate this card with Planet Saturn. Some key words about Saturn are :
Organization, career, ambition, law, older persons, traditions, orthodoxy, authority, status, discipline, restriction, limitations, responsibilities. 

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