Monday, August 13, 2012

Week 33 forecast (Updated)

This week I have pulled out 7 cards from Tarot deck too. These cards just clarify the individual 7 lenormand cards . I love experimenting with new ways & techniques so bear with me

Theme of the Week: Man . This week my main concern remains a man. The Ring before him tells me he is either married, or he is already tied up or unavailable. The Sun next to him shows he's successful and warm/energetic.

Other pairs:
Man - Clouds  = Man is confused/confusing
Man - Roads = he's facing a decision
Man - Ring = he's married or bound
Man - Sun = he's successful or will have success
Man - Snake = he's complicated, or is with his mother/mistress
Man - Mountain = man is facing blockages

I guess I get who this is. Lets see how it effects me.

I still have not figured out who this man is. I thought I knew, but it was just a guess. 

Clouds - Roads - Ring
Clearly, there is a decision which is not so clear, about a relationship (possibly with this man). Now the Ring can be two things, It can be my relationship with this man in question or it can be the contract I signed with a man two months ago. The Ring in my readings has often represented both. In this case things are not clear for this week and I'm worried now because my presentation is due 3rd September. *fingers Crossed*.

Other pairs:
Clouds - Mountain = Unclarities result in delays (darn it)
Roads - Snake = complicated path, complicated choices
Ring - Sun = happy relationship

I think after a few delays and few worries, I can expect a sigh of relief, based on Sun and Ring reflecting each other. The Clouds - Crossroads are King & Queen facing each other and they are moving towards a stronger binding relationship. It looks like.

So there are ambiguities related to a relationship between this man & woman but they will end up together.

So On the Monday morning I received this email with the apparently final piece of code for my project for which I paid this person my birthday money. The code was incomplete which meant further delays. It seemed like he didn't care about the directions I gave him. I truly panicked. (Clouds-Mountain). I was damn too worried I don't have enough money/time to get somebody else to do it & I have already made the payment in advance. where do I stand now? I sent two really angry mad messages and emails to him and he rang me up making excuses, in a pretty blunt and rude way, as if it was my fault. I knew my way was not easy here, I have to be tricky with him (Roads-Snake). 
Today he has sent me another email, saying the last code he sent me was incomplete because it wasn't mine. He made it for another person and coincidently sent to me (Clouds-Roads/ Roads-Snake).
Now I have the correct code, I haven't tested it yet but I'm sure I will have a good news *wink* (Ring-Sun).

Besides that, the complication with the other man in question, has already been resolved but I feel a different way about him now, not so intense I must say. Its like I've got a grip of my nerves now.

Right Pair:
Sun - Snake - Mountain
Success does not come the easy way, there are rather delays. My experience with Sun says that whatever cards its around, it super-cedes their negativity. Here Snake can be a Lady, or it can be simply me, facing obstacles despite my optimism. The Man-Sun-Snake combo looks promising, things will be happier between them too .

Other pairs:
Sun - Ring = successful partnership/agreement
Snake - Roads = a lady facing a choice. two women
Mountain - Clouds = after delays & obstacles things will improve.

Update: I'm facing blockages regarding my project and I'm worried. there are delays but this man keeps assuring me I will secure more than 60% score only if I commit to my work he assigned me. and you people know my laziness till now.The Clouds and Mountain reflecting each other is like a double whammy.

This week I have two queens, I expect some gossip. I have THREE ACES wow, Kapherus system: unexpected twist of fate, Cartomante Cabinet: Moderate success.

I will go with both because I have felt both. Something towards the end of the week has happened which feels like Oh My God this can't be happening. I cannot share the details but the heart of the situation is a Man who is feeling like blocked or who is blocking me out (Man-Mountain). And I have enjoyed a little bit of success too.

Looking forward...

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