Sunday, August 19, 2012

New Moon August 2012

This New Moon occurs at the 27 degrees Leo, the sign for creativity & personal recognition. This falls in my 12th house. The New Moon in the 12th house is a time for withdraw, pulling yourself back "in" and self-reflection.

Q: What is the New Moon going to bring me in next Lunar Month?

Theme: Moon = dreams, intuition etc but I chose to go with Public recognition & honours with this time. Its because the Moon is in Leo and its all about being the "star".

This is supported by the Trigger card Garden. So there is lots of public recognition, because of all the socialising & all the networking.

This month I have been so busy & the centre of lots of parties. I had lots of guests at home & the misunderstandings they had about me in the past have now changed to appreciation. So overall, this Moon has been very very lucky for me this time.

Corner cards: Garden - Sun can be summer social parties, lots of fun, energy. Bear-Rider looks like there is a new person coming along or I will be hearing a message which makes me feel strong.

So there is lots of socialising and there is a new person who is very powerful and strong, coming along.

Well yes,lots of people from past have all of sudden started sending me messages & trying to contact me. I do not feel like giving any of them any chance to re-enter my life. There has been lots of socialising. I was out & about all this month. Yes, someone very powerful & authoritative was visiting my house this month.

What is going to happen: Snake - House - Moon - Dog - Scythe
There are complications in home or private life because of the emotional comfort I feel towards this friend resulting in a break or a sudden decision. This situation involves A lady, a man and a younger man.A lady and a man are going to be great friends probably and unexpectedly.

This has happened exactly like that. There has been two-three things happening at same time. All of my ex- coming back, contacting me , within a week. This upset me a lot, but in a good way. One friend actually made me very very comfortable & because of him being there to comfort me, lots of things sorted themselves out. One particular person I had no closure with after we fell off, we had a complete closure during this full moon.

Past: Garden - House - Rider
I have been having visitors at home in last month. My maternal aunt was here with her kids & other occassional visitors.

Present: There is serious emotional upheaval going on right now in my life and that too is very unexpected for me. Yes it has to do with someone who is not exactly a friend but I don't know but I rely on this person. The Queen and Jack have Moon between them so there is emotions and feelings here between them, in a good way.

Future: Bear - Dog - Sun
I see success for or with a male whom I already know or who is a friend.

The closure I have talked about above. It was successful.

Diagonals: Garden - Moon - Sun
a night time event results in success (hmmm)

Bear - Moon - Rider
an emotional or romantic message from a male.

Extra information:
Garden - Bear and Scythe
By excessive socialising I will be able to make some quick decisions.

I did make a decision to cut off from this guy I had some unresolvable issues of temper with. 

Rider + Sun and Snake
A happy news or message which creates complication.

I was really intrigued to share this with you people

This is the site which always gives some information which always happens to be true.
Honestly I'm a bit scared because there are a few new people I met and I feel like they will stay a long time & two of them are Capricorn (ruled by Saturn).

I am stunned with the line "it cold be someone you may be able to get truly excited about seeing again"...what ? I have actually met someone "again" after 6years & I cannot tell you how excited I was. He came back in my life on August 18th precisely. It says he is likely to stay in my life a long time. well I have my doubts but I will let the events disclose themselves.

There are Two Tens, I'm definitely going out of city.
There are Two Six Things coming together or falling in to place.

I was out of city for most part. Things did come together, and fell right where they should have!!!

I have a good feeling because there are so many positive cards...

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