Monday, August 6, 2012

Week 32 forecast (updated)

Week 32
The theme of the week is solitude, loneliness. The surrounding cards look so lovely that I'm sure it won't be in a negative manner.
Tower - Heart tells me I will be feeling good being alone.
Tower - Flowers implements the same things.

Well to be honest I don't know if this hadn't been the Tower then what else would describe the situation so well. This Tower card has made me realize my self-worth & an ability to not put up with people's unacceptable behaviour. Detachment is a better word here. I'm perfectly comfortable with this though.

Tower - Rider can be an official message coming this week.
Tower - Lilies can be withdrawal and rest
Tower - Moon is emotionally closed off and coldness.
Tower - Storks finally means by the end of the week I'd have charged my batteries up and will be ready for a change.

The official message or the news I got was not so official. It was rather a helpful step. Most part of the week I was resting & taking a breath from the worries from last week. I agree I have been emotionally a bit cold this week and by the end of the week, I'm ready to flee.

Left arm:
Rider - Lilies - Flowers
This looks like a nice message, or a visit from a couple (King and Queen of Spades). Besides that this can be a nice message or nice easy conversations with a male and a female.

Other combinations:
Rider - Storks = a change which is brought on by a message.
Lilies - Moon = emotional/dreamy man.emotional balance and harmony
Flowers - Heart = a date, a lovely meeting/surprise

I have had several messages coming up this week. No couple visited us but I've had some cheerful conversations with a nice older/mature advisor sort of man.I'm not that surprised because of Transiting Jupiter Conjunct my Venus. 

Right arm:
Heart - Moon - Storks
This looks like emotions taking a flight. A heightened sense of joy.Emotions are improved, changed and it feels good.

Storks - Rider = a change which is on way
Moon - Lilies = peaceful and harmonious emotions. sexual emotions/dreams
Heart - Flowers = happy love

Again I will associate this to the Jupiter (expansion) touching Venus (love & beauty) in my chart. I have been taking a lot care of myself, eating healthy, exercise, sleeping well and everything. Its very important right now during this transit. My skin looks good and I feel good about myself.

This looks like a good week. I will be spending most of my time alone, but its good in a way because of all the happy and positive cards around me. There are two Queens so I expect a lot of gossip again this week. There is a King and Queen again having conversations (Rider) which looks positive. There is also a Jack and a Queen having Moon between them so I expect some emotional talk with someone younger (if the Queen of Hearts is me).

There has been lots of gossiping going on LOL and yes I did talk some emotional stuff with a friend of mine who is younger than me. He is going through a rough time. I'm amazed the way incorporating Playing Cards inserts for the court cards work so well.

There are four cards from suit of hearts in the spreads, which makes the week kind of emotional and relationships oriented.

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