Monday, September 10, 2012

Week 37- Predictions

Week 37
Theme card: Book
Keywords: Secret, learning, knowledge, learning, studies, project, exams result

Book with Child on one side and Birds on the other can mean there is a new beginning, which I already know about but there is mental anguish related to it which I do not know about yet. This is how I interpret Book. Whats to pages side is what you already know about but what is to the left is what you are unaware of yet.

Book + Coffin = Secret ends, a secret which is hard to bear
Book + Tower = long term learning
Book + Child = a secret about a new beginning
Book + Birds = mental anguish which is hidden
Book + Roads = a decision which is not known yet
Book + Storks = learning to move on

Left arm:
Coffin - Tower - Child
Coffin is ending of some kind & what is ending here is definitely making me strong enough to have a fresh start.

Right arm:
Birds - Roads - Storks
Mental anguish or worries about a decision to move forward. I can actually sense it already because I'm quite quite bad at letting go & in this week I will have to make a transition from one phase to another because of the things that have happened in last week & half.

Other combinations we have is Two Queens, so more gossip :D

First thing first, my result has been announced & I have successfully finished my Post graduate degree with 94%. So Book - Coffin was end to my studies. The mental stress I have is now I'm looking for a job and I'm upset because I have nothing to do now. It feels odd having nothing to do. But I hope something positive will be just around the corner.

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