Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week 39 Predictions (updated)

Theme: House
This week I will be more focused on my personal space & my home. This card is also King of hearts so it can also be my father who is having some health issues or another family oriented man, who is a friend.
There are Mice on one side so my dad is either worried (because of a minor issue or one of his children, Mice-Child) or There will be some worries at home. Either way one of my siblings is involved because of presence of Child card.

This was a week when I was feeling very nostalgic almost throughout the week. I was staying at home & also feeling very family oriented. I also felt a need for increased security & control. probably because of the Mice closer to House.

Left arm:
Moon - Anchor - Mice
I feel emotional & less stable during the first half of the week.This can be because of unemployment, or having nothing to do.

Other combinations:
Moon - Sun = there is success & light
Anchor - Mountain = stress again because of employment reasons
Mice - Child = small worries, no fresh start

Most of the week was keeping me down, for one reason or another.

Right arm:
Child - Mountain - Sun
There is light at the end of the tunnel for a new beginning but the path to that end is tough.

yes very tough. I see that I can be quite hopeful, I just do not feel at my best optimistic self right now. Just hitting a low.

There are two 8s in the reading which denote happy times.

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