Sunday, September 30, 2012

week 40 predictions (Updated)

There is some problem with uploading pictures this week, so cards are:

Tree - Cross - Letter - Mice - Fish - Storks - Sun

Theme card: Mice is the card of worries & losses. This week there is  lost message concerning finances. I should check on the university's message & the security fee refund. I'm suspecting something will go wrong in that department.

This week I did find myself worried, anxious & a mix of emotions. The main thing that worries me is everything going right, but I am not able to say everything is ok on surface too. Finances is one of major concerns of course.

Left arm:
Tree - Cross - Letter
This week growth is halted when some important document is a concern or all of sudden important. Forget about health & fitness, get the papers ready this week.

I had to get the transcript from the University, which they have asked me to pick up since September 18th. I must get it as soon as I can.

Letter - Fish = a message from a man, a cheque
Tree - Sun = long term plans, goals
Cross- Storks = no stopping back, move on with lessons from pains suffered

Right Arm:
Second half of the week looks good specially I have plans to go out of city for the weekend. It looks like things are moving good & towards better between a man & woman . Financial improvements are in sight.

I had plans but I just could not go because of a death in family. The plan was cancelled & I wonder if that is what the Storks-Cross was referring to. 

There are three 7s which mean  emotional or spiritual growth.
This one has to be right, specially the way I meditate every night before sleeping & then the amazing dreams I see...

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