Monday, September 17, 2012

Week 38 (already?)

Time is like flying seriously!!!

Week 38
Theme card: Flowers
I have this card in this placement after a long long time. This card signifies invitations, happiness, joy, & gifts. The most common association of this card I have is with invitations & offers. There is Dog & Key around it so I believe this offer or invitation is from a friend and its very significant for me.

Most important event of this month/of the year has happened this week. This was regarding an important friend. Dog-Key

Left arm:
Tree - Mice - Dog
Loss of health, or feeling moody & gloomy (PMS?) and as a result a fall out with a friend or someone close. It often happens to me.

Tree - Snake = health issues, complication related to health
Mice - Heart = loss of love
Dog - Key = important friend

It has been happening for last three nights that I'm having weird dreams, about a friend & I am feeling weird in terms of mood. My head is usually full of worries these days & its effecting me negatively. This is also resulting in me closing off from a friend really close to me. I feel like I should not talk to anyone until i'm feeling better.

Right arm:
Key - Heart - Snake
Some very important complications in matters of love between a man & a woman.An important event of love for a woman.

Well it was expected wasn't it? I had a detailed discussion & an unexpected encounter with my first high school crush. During Pluto transits last week, I realized I hadn't really gotten over the complications we had between us, so I told him I needed a closure. We ended up on a good note. I hope we will talk again.

Other information:
Two sevens indicate a change of events.

Well, definitely yes! Things have improved.

Lets see what happens!!!

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