Monday, September 17, 2012

New Moon September 2012

Theme card: Ship
Keywords: Travel, change, movement, longing

Since I do not intend to go anywhere I will look at ship as the big change. Storks is small improvement, but Ship is when you have moved on, moved past, or moved for good to something better. The trigger for this is Rider, a man who recently visited/entered/re-entered my life. He is someone successful (Stars) & sharp-tongue (Scythe). He is also someone physically distant from me (Ship). As a result of this change, I'm more logical, shrewd, & probably playful. says 
New Moon in first house: This New Moon placement is a powerful one—it's a time to reinvent yourself in some personal way, such as with a new look or manner of expressing and presenting yourself.

This shows that Ship here means the time to change things, on surface & appearance.

The Ship has actually turned out to be the BIG change concerning my dealings with this man represented by Rider. I sent him a message on 23rd September, after 6yrs, & all of sudden it was like nothing ever went wrong between us at all. 

Corner cards: Rider - Fox tell us this man is someone very smart, also a liar. I never sugar coat Fox's role. Fox near a person card is always representing a liar & a cheater, although a very smart one. Fish-Mice shows there is financial issues or expenses.

Central cards:
Scythe - Stars - Ship - Lady - Ring ohoo this looks like this sudden guidance or hopefulness will lead me directly to a contract or a relationship.

A guidance or message had arrived that led to a loss of hope or faith. This relates to the time during last week when I was being quite hopeless about a situation.

Present: Scythe - Ship - Ring
Quick decision to move on to a relationship. I don't understand this right now. A long-distance relationship. A longing for a relationship. Whatever it is, I'm letting go of it.

A long distance connection. That is what I established right after this reading. I, unexpectedly, & without even thinking twice initiated a connection, which later became very strong, with a person very physically away from me.

Future: Fish - Lady - Fox
I find myself being cautious when it comes to money or finances.

Extra information:
Rider - Fish  & Ring
I see a man who deals with finances or a news about finance & money coming over. Either I'm having a connection with this man or a contract. Either way, its  positive.

The Connection, Yes!

Mice - Fox & Scythe
Three negative cards together. Loss of intelligence or truth coming out suddenly & unexpectedly. A hasty decision gone wrong.

I don't know whether to laugh or cry, but it is a hasty decision, something done on impulse, gone utterly wrong. I am in a can't swallow, can't throw out situation right now. 

Two Nines mean higher education or travel industry
Two Aces mean: leadership & authority

Have a blessed new Moon everyone

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