Friday, September 14, 2012

Love Life GT: Sep-Dec2012

Its been a long time since I posted a GT on my blog,mainly because GT is a lot of work & I haven't had much time on my hand for that. This is my fourth  final GT for this year.

The initial Cut:
Storks - Moon - Tower

I see a change in the way I'm looked at, appreciation & recognition comes from public & authorities. I also see a change in the way I handle my emotions & my dreams.

Love Life from Sept- Dec 2012
First Three cards:
Snake - Stars - Flowers
Its very important to keep the hopes high & expect the very best from life. This also shows that keeping a hope high is not easy but it will result in happiness. Two Queens also show there is gossip & lots of talking going on, mostly hopeful.

Four corners:
Snake - Coffin = complications ending
Anchor - Lilies = A stable harmonious time. Can also be a boss or a man met at workplace.

Lady card:
Lady card is in house of Lady so these four months I'm being more me in terms of love.

  1. Farthest past: Mice = there have been loses & worries
  2. Past: Lilies - Letter - Birds - Fox = there have been correspondence & false conversations, lies & deception that resulted in worries & being extra cautious
  3. Recent past: Stars - Roads - Tree = I have taken the path which led to a decision, some options & some life long decisions. Other than that, there has been lot of growth in making choices. Healthy choices is what I will put it as.


  1. Near future: Scythe - Rider - anchor = I believe there is another man coming up, someone who will stay in my life a long way, but I'm cutting away from him. The last card is Anchor so I think this will result in some comfort & stability.
  2. Future: Bear - Moon - Coffin = depression caused by someone over powering
  3. Farthest future: Storks = a change, an improvement

Present: At present my aggression, or my communications are under my control (whips) but Fish-Key-Mountain financial success is blocked, (yes) and its worrying me.The Mountain is right on my head, so I am worried.

The potential people I see coming are Rider & Bear. Rider is in house of Bear & Bear is in house of Lilies. So I'm sure these are two potential romantic partners coming up in next four months.

Heart is in house of Birds, worries, so I see there is stress & anxiety regarding love. In house of Heart is Coffin, so I do not see much happening. Heart is also Knighting Stars , so there is hope & wishful ness, It also knights Man, Scythe & Clover so its a mix.

Ring is in house of Key, so something important will happen,In house of Ring is Lilies & in house of Lilies is Bear & in house of Bear is Rider,so I do see an important connection developing.

Fate cards:
Ring - Mice - Whips - Storks
A connection will be lost, a relationship lost, as a result I lose the passion I have for it but I will move on soon.

Ring - Mice -(Birds - Fox +  Fish - Man)
A loss of a connection with a man who deals with finances. There is also stress worries & deception.

Whips - Storks - (Lady - Bear +  Flowers - Dog)
There is a passionate new beginning & a change in my approach which makes me stronger & resulting in some offer or invitation from a friend or someone I already know.

Opinions & suggestions are welcome & much appreciated.


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