Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekly draw, Oct week 1

I decided to do a weekly draw instead of daily draw because I think it takes longer than one day for things to manifest in real world:

Storks + Bear + Clover + Sun + Man + Ring + Ship

It looks like there are huge changes this week leading to luck and success, a married man is going away
storks to ship looks like changes are taking me away from who I am to who I want to be. Sun in middle tell me this is a week for success and remaining optimistic :)

UPDATE: the guy who went away for work(ring) is my brother but he want away at beginning of the week, i don't know why its expressed at the end.

Update 07/10/11
The week started with really high spirits, lots of travelling in sun, and ended with me being miserably missing a man with a ring:D now I understand why it appeared at the end!

Integrating with Tarot:
Strength - King of swords - knight of wands - 4 of pentacles - ace of swords - 8 of cups - 4 of cups

Top card: Tower, Bottom Card ; The Fool
It looks like a week where big changes are happening and its good to take a leap of faith and let the changes occur.

Oct 1: storks , Strength
There are changes which are giving me strength.
There have also been changes at home.

Oct 2: Bear , King of swords
Lots of energy, power, strength, mental ability to understand things.
Bear with king of swords makes me realize that my father is a man of great reasoning and mental strength.

Oct 3: Clover , knight of wands
Clover will bring me success and luck while knight of wands is telling me to go out, have fun, adventure and lots of excitement.

This was a day where I actually needed knight of wands to lend me some of his energies, because of my tiredness from yesterday and having too much sleep today, I was unable to think clearly all day. The clover showed itself when I found myself enough time to sleep all day long, and knight of wands was probably my low energy level, it should have had a king there instead :)

Oct 4: Sun, 4 of Pentacles
I see there is heat, too much, because of my possessive attitude towards what's mine. The sun us not making me happy, instead its making me feel like I'll be too hot-tempered over something which belongs to me!

UPDATE: The four of pentacles somehow reminded me of Taurus, because they are usually possessive of what they own. Sun made his day when my Taurus brother got something done for him.
Besides that we ended up discussing my dead grandmother. It was a good day overall.

Oct 5:Man + Ace of swords

There is a man full of mental understanding and lots of truthful thinking.

OCT 6:Ring + 8 of cups:
I totally forgot to update it for yesterday, Amazingly I got ring in my reading for the day too with sun and house there. It was like moving away from routine (ring) with the 8 of Cups. It was such an accurate reading where I was having full day having fun and besides I had a good bonding (ring) with someone I'm exploring these days (8 of cups) ;)

Oct 7: Ship + 4 of Cups
With the ship I think I'm moving more towards discontentment. Looks like I will not be content with something I have.
It was exactly that kind of a day. I was longing and being frustrated all day (ship) and I could see that I have everything, I'm just not satisfied with that (4 of cups) which is a bad thing anyways. This reading was so so spot on.

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