Friday, October 7, 2011

October Week 2

The first week try-out was a success in my eyes so I wanted to try another one!

Man + Cross + Snake + Mountain + Anchor + Dog + Key

It looks like a week where pain is caused by a man, which shakes things up a little and the bumpy little ride will end up with answers from a friend..

UPDATE: I ended up being stressed through middle to the end of week. I protected a man from being back bitten. The Cross gave me lots of pain, It came from a man and woman trying to bite him and I was in middle trying to protect him.
This was a hard, slow week with lost of problems. I hope the next week brings me nice and good things.The Anchor + Dog + Key was merely me stabilizing my trust in myself and how I can find the key to what I need, basically work-related stuff (Anchor).

Man + Key tells me he is a reliable man
Cross + Dog = a friend I have really good connection with
Snake + Anchor = a total work related situation

Mountain in the center makes it a week with problems, delays, obstacles. A really long week.
8 of Cups - Page of Swords - 7 of Swords - 8 of Pentacles  - Emperor - knight of Swords - Judgement

Oct 8th:
Man with 8 of Cups:
A man who is looking for something, who left something behind to search for something.

Oct 9th:
Cross with Page of Swords:
Lots of aggression will cause pain. Aggressive with the religious matters.Mental clearance on religious matters.
UPDATE: today was a day when things were getting clear when i started actually two new courses about occult subjects. The cross represents destiny here i guess and Page of swords represents a new stage for learning now.

Oct 10:
Snake with 7 of Swords:
Sneaking around or dishonesty will only cause trouble. Running away from troubles.
UPDATE: It was me, going lone-style while being scared of bitten by a snake on way. I was offered to make a partnership and i immediately said no because i was thinking in my head i want to go solo because i would not want to way to take turns.

The snake was probably me detouring from my path.
Oct 11:
Mountain and 8 of Pentacles:
Obstacles in learning a skill. Unable to keep a focus.
UPDATE: This was a day when I had so much stress throughout the day, it was literally like a mountain, and it was hard to focus on something. Yet it somehow went quite well . I did get rid of the mountain, even some tears at the end of the day.

Oct 12:
Anchor and Emperor:
Work will require lots of structure and order. Bring order and stop to whats not static.
UPDATE: This was a slow day, a really slow day when I practically did nothing. I had to remain structured and focused with my work but i just did not had enough energy.

Oct 13:
Dog - Knight of Swords
An air sign friend.

There was no air sign (Libra) friend however I did end up discussing the Libra traits with a person about my astrological chart.

Oct 14:
Key + Judgement:
A call that answers something. success with a call.
There was no success, but there was a call from someone close that did wake me up from my deep sleep. I had to re-look at my life where I'm heading and how i can get the key to what i want.

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