Friday, October 28, 2011

November week 1

I love weekly draws.

Lenormand Deck:
Book - Dog - Scythe - Ring - Fox - Flower - Whip
Shadow: Sun

The Ring in the middle tells me a relationship or monotony is the essence of the week.

First half:
Book + Dog + Scythe + Ring
Book + Whip = secrets discussed / studies discussions
Dog + Flower = a present from a friend
Scythe + Fox = a sudden decision
A friend has a secret which will suddenly made me cut off from him
There was a sudden romantic offer from a friend I have known for long, he was hidden till now and i made sudden decision to get away from him.
Second Half:
Ring + Fox + Flower + Whip
Fox + Scythe = well thought decision
Flower + Dog = a sincere offer
Whip + Book = discussing secrets. two secrets, projects

The Fox tells me its a relationship I have to be careful about, which brings me some offer for a discussion.
I really had some discussions which led me to have both pleasure and dig things up. I got a chance to dig different aspects of a relationship out.
Tarot Deck:
8 of Cups - Page of Swords - 2 of Wands - 9 of Swords - 2 of Swords - 2 of Cups - 9 of Wands
Shadow : 6 of Wands

8 of Cups is again from last week, in same position, It looks like its a time for me to explore something,learn some new skills, It looks like I will learn to make a choice, between having personal power or giving up. The 9 of swords explain that I will keep staying awake till late night :D I see myself blocking off some romantic partnership, which is making me strong.

Amazingly, the shadow card for both decks is showing victory. So even with the troubles I have it will end up well.What even amazes me last week I had two of Pentacles and this week i have all the other Two's. Two cups, two wands, three swords, no majors.There are no Pentacles, so may be its a time to focus on other things. The swords are presenting challenges, while wands and cups are helping.
The week was about moving on from what was to what is and finally what will be. I found out that I was too much into choices, I was torn between two types of situations. The 9 of Swords was very real in the middle because I had troubled sleep throughout the week. I kept blocking a relationship out but it ended up leaving me happy and stronger.There were mental challenges, keeping balance between different aspects of my life and I learnt to manage them well. The 2 of Wands was a decision that rested in my hands, and I ended up being a little on one side, leaving the other. Overall, with an exception for Flowers-2 of Cups, it was a very nice week.

Oct 29: Book + 8 of cups:
a day when I will learn something new. or finally open books:D
This was a day when I actually tried to find out what I wanted, the unknown aspects that kept me depressed. They were closed off but I finally explored them.
Oct 30: Dog + Page of Swords
I see someone who is quite intelligent
I have figured out that dog has been my soul mate all along. Specially with Scythe+Ring  should have known its him. We had some small intellectual discussion, not really discussion, just random talk today.
Oct 31: Scythe + two of wands
a sudden decision.
This was as stressful decision. I felt myself loosing personal power. I had two options, either be positive or go down and drowned. This was a day with a balance with some hurt involved.
Nov 1: Ring + 9 of Swords
A hurtful relationship
This was exactly a night when I could not sleep, I didn't sleep all night because I was thinking about a relationship, all night long.
Nov 2: Fox + 2 of Swords
Cautious. blocking out what feels threatening.
The opposite happened. I was having a day where I was just blocking some romance out :D
Nov 3: Flower + 2 of Cups
a romantic invitation
Surprisingly, this was the day I was anticipating the most, and this was the most disappointing day as well. I was expecting something more than just an invitation and nothing happened!
Nov 4: Whip + 9 of Wands
A discussion which makes me stronger.
Whip was an argument that I had with a friend. I was the aggressive stronger guy in 9 of wands. In the end thing were fine.

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