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GT for October 2011

Last month was such a rush, so many things happened, can't wait to look forward to october!

Q: What should I expect in October?



The first three cards before spreading the cards:
Anchor+ Bear + Key
I think I will be successful in finding a stable job.

Three cards after spreading cards:
Lady + Roads + Sun:
With roads in house of luck and sun in house of ship, me in house of rider, I will take it as I'm moving towards happiness and success.

If we do not consider the way woman is going, it would mean I'm moving towards happiness and optimism. Me being at the very beginning of the spread gives me lots of power to influence everything.

I did move towards a new start in almost everything in this month.

Four corner cards:
Woman + Letter + Garden + Child

I'm in house of rider, very active and moving at rapid speed, letter in house of moon, means an emotional message, or a message to new beginning, Garden in house of endings means there is some gathering due to an illness or a death, and child in house of Ring tells me this is an immature relationship.
I feel like I will get a news about a gathering, where an immature relationship will start.
Garden+coffin can be a hospital too.

Looking further, garden in house of coffin, a hospital, in house of garden is Tree which again emphasizes a hospital.In house of tree is lily, means someone older might fall ill and get in a hospital.

Child is in house of ring, in house of child is birds, this "something new" is what is making me anxious/excited, in house of birds is Ring, bringing us back to a relationship or a contract.

The child+Birds + Ring combo tells me this is something related to more than one options.
I can't believe how spot on I was. It actually was more than one new beginning and each of it made me nervous. Child in house of Ring was very right. No one fell ill but I did fall ill twice.

Central cards:
Ring + snake = a troubled relationship/ a business contract
birds+ tree = idle chit chat

Ring + birds = two contracts
Tree + snake = long term business/work

Ring is in house of Birds, and in house of ring is child, it is a matter related to something new and immature which is making me nervous. Birds are in house of Child, thus integrating whole situation together.
Tree is in house of Garden, involving a gathering or an event, in house of tree is lily, involving someone older, snake is in house of mountains, creating obstacles which are not house of snake is scythe, so whatever it is, it will suddenly be cut loose.

Looking at fate cards:
clover +coffin + Fox+ book
I see success ending or luck running out because a secret treachery comes out in open.
Lily + whip tells me these are related to some discussions with lover or family members

House + Anchor + Dog + Rider
i see stability in house due to a news from someone i know.
sun + cross
This is about luck and energy.
also in house of house is cross, and in house of cross is anchor, so i see things are pretty good at home.

Looking at lady column:
Lady + man + ship +child
I see a man who is away from me, having a fresh start.

I'm in house of Rider, active and fast, in house of lady is Dog, so m being friendly and loyal, in house of dog is mountain, but there are blockages. in house of mountain is is clouds, so these blockages are due to confusions. in house of clouds is whip, these confusions are related to some argument.
Immediate future:
lady + roads + sun + cross + lily +whip + scythe + Garden

i see myself making a decision which will get me success and luck, from meeting and discussions with someone known, someone wise and i do not find myself feeling well by the end of the line.

Farthest future:
Woman + moon + clouds + book + house
I see myself being emotional due to some confusions i don't know about. These secrets are something related to my personal life.
I see the moon being revealed and same time disclosing the secret confusions.I see them being related to house.The emotional confusions are clearing up and secrets coming out in open.

Looking at Man:
Man + Mountain + Fox + Coffin
I see his stressed because of some cheating that was painful for him.

Heart Column:
Whip +heart + fish + rider + anchor
i see inner conflict of love, due to unclear messages from past.
Anchor can be my past, and rider is bringing messages, to increase my confusions and dilemmas (fish)
fish and whip both are two in number so it means i will have conflicts as to what to do regarding heart.

Ring column:
Cross + Ring + Tree + Book + Coffin
Surrounded by sun and storks i will not look at cross in negative way, Ring between Tree and Cross shouts "Karma" to me, book + coffin is a shocking secret.
May be i discover a karmic relationship and it shocks me :D

Overall it looks like a great months.
I will do the weeks later when they are manifesting :)

Week 1: Oct 01- Oct 09
clover = success, luck
Lady + roads + sun + cross + lily + whip + scythe + Garden

i have to take a decision leading to success and luck and this will be with discussion with someone wise and at the end of the week i might fall ill.

Lady + man + ship + child

me and man moving towards something new

roads +moon + mountain + flower
an emotional dilemma is creating obstacles or success but there is joy at the end of the week.


The clover brought about luck..
I took a journey towards my betterment, i took the decisions which i should have a long time ago and they have made me quite optimistic about future, I did send a message to an older guy and i did not get any reply from him, however i hope he did get it though:s

Me and a guy are moving slowly and swiftly towards a renewed friendship, I have to say renewed because we were never this close before.
The decision I took was quite a hard one but i kept my emotions stable (moon+mountain) and it ended with an offer to work with a school (flower in house of Book)

it was literal!

In house of roads is fish, it was a decision about work and finances, and roads is in house of clover so i think it will bring me luck.

Week 2 , Oct 10 - Oct 17
coffin: stress, pain, ending, transformation

Man + moon + storks + ring + birds + heart + mice +stars

A romantic man brings a change to a relationship which creates anxiousness for heart, causing small problems, and there is hopelessness.
Man + Stars = a psychic/dreamy man
moon + mice = emotional problems
storks + heart = change in love life
ring + birds = communicating about a relationship

Man in house of flowers, he is inviting, in his house is book, he is someone related to studies or is having a secret, in house of book is flowers connecting to man.
moon in house of scythe, unexpected wishfullness or emotions, in house of moon is letter, unexpected emotional message
storks in house of whip, in house of storks is ship, a change is under discussion and this change is related to moving somewhere.
ring is in house of birds, in house of ring is child, means there is new beginning to a relationship which brings nervousness and excitement.
birds in house of new beginnings, in house of birds is ring, connecting the three together.
heart in house of fox, in house of heart is key, if i remain careful about emotional matters, it will answer my questions.
mice in house of bear , in house of mice is tower, there is stressful power involved something to do with authority.
stars in house of stars emphasizing hope and faith.
A man inviting me to a change the way I long for something towards a relationship I'm excited about which will start a new beginning which leads to a bonding I should be careful about because it might eat at my strong imagination.

sun + storks  + clouds + fox

sun in house of ship, longings are going to turn into optimism
storks in house of scythe, a sudden unexpected change, or addition in family.
fox in house of letter.
clouds in house of Tower, not sure what to isolate myself from.

by being optimistic about what i'm longing for I can bring change which I do not expect even though there are troubles isolating myself from fake/untrue messages.

cross + ring + tree + book
a painful/ karmic relationship which will be long term will come out from secret.
cross in house of home
ring in house of Birds
tree in house of n/w and gathering
book in house of man
= a relationship at home or private life which i'm excited or nervous about will flourish over network through a man related to studies or a secret man

with coffin, this was a week when many things ended and many things started. Things are continuously transforming.
The Man has come up with an unexpected romantic gesture (moon in house of scythe i should have known) which changed things in terms of relationship. he proposed me , not with a ring, but in terms of romance and that made me so nervous and anxious, this situation is giving me anxiety + insomnia (mice + stars) (moon+mice)
and he is so hopeful (man +stars) that things will change (storks + heart) while this whole idea is making me nervous.
With the child in house of ring, i knew it! i just did not expect.

sun+ storks makes me feel like weather change, which actually has, but there has been a change in energy level,which is not towards good (storks+clouds) besides it has made me very defensive and doubtful about my friends intentions (fox in house of letter)

cross + Ring + Tree this looks like a karmic connection with a feeling of fate, it looks like its a long-term connection, which has come out in open with book at the end.
Week 3 , Oct 18- Oct 24
house = private life, comfort, family
house in house of Anchor so I see comfort regarding work.

ship + mountain + clouds + tree + snake + fish + tower + key
a trip is blocked and confusions are there for long term, while a financial contract is making ambitious and bring success.
I cant believe I did not update this one.
ship in house of Storks and in house of ship is roads, so a change is longed for, but there is indecision in matter.
Mountain in house of Dog, and in house of mountain is snake, so I'm stressed because of a friend who is troubled. I was stressed because of my trust issues.
Clouds in house of Tower, So my confusions are related to my isolation, 'm not sure what I want to do for long-term, in house of clouds is whip, so it is under discussion, but not clear.
Tree in house of Garden, there are delays with networking,In house of tree is lily, so its a sudden isolation from someone older and wiser.
snake in house of mountain and in house of snake is scythe, so unexpected turns are going to stress me
Fish in house of decisions, roads, and roads in house of clover, so there is luck with me so i will have different ways of having money.
Tower in house of mice, so I'm not being alone.
Key in house of heart and in house of key is clover, so a new chapter is staring in terms of love.

lily + birds + snake + dog
rest is being upset dues to ups and downs with a friend
Someone is upset because of unexpected things for a man. Dog in house of woman, so a woman is having unexpected turn arounds.

whip + heart + fish +rider
discussing love with someone, about confusions in a message

his was a stressful week. first because there was a situation with a friend that left me wondering about many many things and I didn't know what to do. The clouds were clouding my long-term ambitions.There was a meeting and interview too (fish+tower) the key in the end finally settled all matters.
There was a stressful movement to another city (ship+mountain) while the situation wasn't even clear (clouds + tree), the situation is still shaky (snake). The confusions lead to isolating myself and finally the week ended with some happiness when i was satisfied with my decision (key in house of heart and heart in house of Fox)

lily + birds + snake + Dog
there was lots of chatter with a friend that made me quite trustful towards him.

whip + heart + fish + rider
troubles in situation of heart were so apparent, i didn't know what to do (fish) but when took the decision it was pretty much fast (rider).

Week 4, Oct 25- Oct 31
child + flower + fox + book + dog+rider + bear + letter

a new or small present which will bring some secret cleverness out,message from a friend will bring a powerful message,

There was a new beginning, an offer from a friend who was hiding in his closeness before this.I got a message from far away which made me feel many emotions.

 scythe + mice + tower + bear

suddenly i feel myself not being alone that often, and more strong.
All of sudden I was troubled and scared and everything. This happened suddenly and I think it took determination to be back in senses,
garden + stars + key + letters

lots of success and a message that answers all questions :)
The end of the month was happening in a way which made me hopeful, longing for something (stars + key) but in the end a message made my life worth it all :)

finally a good end to a month :)

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