Saturday, October 22, 2011

October Week 4

Finally the fourth week with this experiment. The last week was such a success :D


Lily + Clover + Coffin + Woman + Cross + Rider + Mice

So I am the center of this week surrounded by probably illness and lots of stress. Coffin + Cross is a combo which tells me that this transformation in things is just fated, I was supposed to go through this.
The wisdom is pouring in, while the luck is ending, I feel like may be there are some tough times ahead this week. The Rider looks like coming towards cross, there is fate at work, but slowly because of mice which is eating at the Rider's speed. The message I'm anticipating is slow to come.

Update: This was a week where I fell ill. but with clover not too much. There was slowing down at both physical and mental level. A message came late at the end of the week.The transformations process lots like has either slowed down or finished with coffin + Cross. The Mice in the end drained me.

First half of the week:
Lily + Mice tells there will be some unrest.
Clover + Rider = luck /success coming towards me
Coffin + Cross = a fated end.

Second half of the week:
Cross + Coffin = fate is changing
Rider + clover = a happy news/lucky visitor
Mice + lily = lots of passion, wisdom revealed, a man revealing himself

There was a happy visit of mine to someone's place. The end a man contacted me to let me know my work has been slowed down (lily) so I should stay put for a while.

Tarot deck:
8 of Cups - King of Wands - Page of Wands - 8 of Wands - 6 of Wands - 2 of Pentacles - Chariot

4 wands, looks like lost of creativity and powerful stuff on the go, the Chariot just speeds things up for me.
Swords are entirely missing, so may be this is the week where I have to be reasonable and rational.
There is man (King) who is exploring different things (8 of cups), the Page is bringing a news (8 of wands) about success (6 of wands) There is an element of fun (2 of pentacles) while there is choice at the end of the week with Two in Chariot and Pentacles.

The King actually explored various options before things just changed (slowed down) a notch or two.There was no news about success but I did start some new relationships/friendships. There was no choice in end of the week, there was just a feeling of not knowing what to do, a desire to balance things more.

Oct 22 : Lily + 8 of cups:
Looks like lots of rest, exploring things. Or a man away doing some stuff.exploring passion.
There was lots of rest, i did not do anything rather just explored different emotions.

Oct 23: Clover + King of Wands
success with a king of wands :D
This was not a day when i had any success. I would say the clover did not appear at all because i had a very bad day, very down i was all day long and it wasn't having any small happiness too.

Oct 24: Coffin + Page of Wands
The end for an immature impulsive guy.
Lots of changes, in relationship between two wands :D There was a continuous struggle with it. :)

Oct 25: Woman + 8 of Wands
looks like a call for a woman/from a woman
There was a happy call actually, a situation/confusion actually sort of sorted itself out through that call for me. some confusions ended.

Oct 26: Cross +  6 of Wands
a fated success/victory
The 6 of wands showed me that I might be going somewhere happily, so this is how it happened. I went there with happiness, the Cross tells me that I was fated to go there.

Oct 27: Rider + 2 of Pentacles
A news about fun.
There was no news, there was no fun too. I thought I might be going somewhere or someone will be coming over but nothing. I had a problem though.I was trying to fix my problems with the operating system for the notebook.

Oct 28: Mice + Chariot
speeding up of process. A choice coming up
A message came through stating that my process has been slowed down. The Mice slowed both the Rider and Chariot down. Chariot was a phone call. The choice was to go or not go at a family dinner which I ended up not going to and feeling totally drained!

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