Friday, October 14, 2011

October week 3

Oct 15- Oct21 
house + rider + stars + birds + anchor + fish + scythe

This week is full of excitement or nervousness, lots of chit chat and gossip about longings for a job or a job one wishes for (stars + birds + anchor)
It was a week full of excitement. Really awesome week. Lots of chatter and excitement while at the same time lots of nervousness. There was a job interview in between too.
In house there is a visitor or a news coming at night.
This was the most spot on reading for me. There was a news at night, when someone in middle of night expressed his views on the matter.

In second half there is a sudden longing for job/work. I had Anchor last week too in same place.
The second half was speaking loud about a job that is up and that is making me nervous at the same time.
Tarot Cards:
Devil + 10 of Pentacles+ Queen of Cups + Wheel Of Fortune + Chariot + Hierophant + 2 of Swords
4 majors, looks like a BIG week ahead. The Wheel of Fortune in middle suggests there is going to be a new chapter beginning this week followed by speeding towards the community work, where I will be closing my heart. In family there is a temptation towards money by a woman who is water sign. I actually have two water sign woman at home, one is actually a cancer.There will be a tempting invitation, towards something that will make you feel like you have the world (10 of pentacles) and I will be testing my emotions (queen of cups) Then the wheel of fortune will roll at full speed (chariot) where things will be blessed and finally I would release my blocked emotions.The two figure is prominent in Devil, Chariot, Hierophant and 2 of swords.This shows serious dilemmas not knowing what to do.
It was actually a big week. many many things changed, many events happened. The wheel of Fortune did started rolling.
Oct 15, 2011
House  with Devil. There was lots of arguments in my house, the devil was taking hold when everyone was having an ill-temper and just screaming at each other.

Oct 16, 2011
Rider, 10 of Pentacles
It looks like there is a news, from far away which is going to make things happier in family, rider is coming towards house pointing to again the 10 of pentacles.
There was no message in the house about a work security etc, or from family. However there was a message about something appropriate to cups suits in middle of the night.

Oct 17, 2011
Stars , Queen of Cups
There is success for a woman who is emotional, or an emotional woman is longing for something.
This was just a day when I was just hoping for a situation, emotional situation to turn around, and i was just keeping my fingers crossed.
Oct 18, 2011
Birds , Wheel of Fortune
Things will change, and change a lot with a call, or a new chapter begins with chatter
Lots of stress in the house because of all the destiny thing at work. i was upset all day just trying, praying that everything works out well for my brother.

Oct 19,2011
Anchor, Chariot
Things are speeding up in terms of job
Oh yes  they are. I got a quick news that I will go somewhere for a job interview probably tomorrow.Tomorrow looks like a meeting, so  think it will be that.

Oct 20, 2011
Fish , Hierophant
an authority figure, a blessed work condition. It looks like a meeting about job.
I did get a news about scheduling a meeting at  a bank, so fish was right on spot for this day.

Oct 21, 2011
Scythe, two of swords
This tells me that the blockages are finally going to be cut and cut really fast.
I was quite sure that the scythe is cutting at the Blinsfold of the woman in Two of Swords, means some blockages in my life which are blocking me from seeing things will be gone. It was a mixed day, there were problems, something came out in open and something caused lots of stress. Over all it did end on a happy note!

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