Sunday, November 18, 2012

Week Predictions Nov 19 - Nov 25, 2012

Weekly Draw
Theme Card:
Key Words:
Public, out and about, social interactions, also includes social networking sites.

So this week I expect a message online, or going to an event possibly with an older lady (Snake). Besides this I also expect an event or mostly social interactions on my mind.

Left arm:
Tower - Tree- Rider
Tower - Tree can be a hospital or a health-related institute. So I expect to hear about it this week, since this is where the Rider is heading. This can also be a news about a man who is in hospital or in health institute.

I did receive a message from a really good friend who is ill. But it was just minor stomach bug, nothing so serious.

Now I have another friend having a tooth ache with sore gums & I'm going to find him a dentist, book an appointment with the help of my friend who also happens to be a dentist. I text her this morning & she said she can help us.

Right arm:
Snake - Lady - Coffin
Some complications are leaving a woman stressed & worried. The Coffin is also mirroring Tower, so an indication of self-imposed depression. Lady - Tree as mirroring also suggests boredom & frustration.

I do feel depressed, bored, stressed & a lot many things & the basic source of these problems is the lack of communication or the communication barriers I feel with my friend right now.

Other Information: There are Two 9's, so higher education will be on my mind.

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