Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekly Draw November 26 - December 2

Time Flies! A Whole year has almost passed.

weekly draw
Theme Card:
Whip & Rod

Key words:
Discussions, arguments

Talk about aggression this week & suppressed aggressiveness (Book-Rods).

First thing that caught my eye is the RING (Ace of Clubs) card. This card represents a contract with Whips or it can be a troubled relationship. In my weekly draw of three cards with the ordinary Playing Cards deck too, I have Ace of Clubs which represents a new beginning or a contract. I think I will be discussing a contract. With Book it can be an apprenticeship or further studies under discussion. I have an interview tomorrow for an apprenticeship. Looking at this way, Book - Whip - Ring, It looks almost positive to me.

So this apprenticeship thing, I am starting hopefully next week, if I get the call letter. The RING is still looking very hopeful because I later intend to continue as an employee with the same organization.

Left arm:
Lilies - Roads - Book
A man & woman have a secret, An advice leads to a decision or exploration of options. An older wiser man advises and shows options to an indecisive woman regarding her studies or options that are somewhat open to her.

This man can be a number of people but I think its this Saturn-Influenced mature guy I know. He did help me making a decision or two this week which I was facing regarding my career & this apprenticeship I mentioned

Right arm:
Ring - Clouds - Clover
A relationship faces some ambiguities, which cloud happiness/opportunities and good luck

I really do not want to comment on this one, because I really don't know whats happening!.

Not good sign!

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