Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekly draw for Nov 12 - Nov 18 2012 (Updated)

Weekly Draw
Theme: Storks, change, improvement, move. I love this card, for one, its 17 which is my birth date, second this card is all about change in a good way so being a change-lover I super love having this card. The Fox on one side and the Flowers on the other tell me this change this week will be a positive one, may be even an opportunity comes up but I find myself cautious when it comes to this change. A hesitance to change may be!

Yes, I have a news on the career front & things are rolling in my personal life too, a definite improvement. 

Left arm:
Sun - Garden - Fox
I gather I have to be cautious about my optimism or my over-enthusiasm in public. The Fox is closer to Garden so it can be all the wrong people I happily surround myself with!

This must be talking about the event I had to attend, a job fair. The Fox was to be sure and alert about the possibilities (Fox-Flowers) and how to tactically proceed to score a place.

Right arm:
Flowers - Moon - Man
Flowers - Moon is a night time fun, a date night or just happiness plain and good. Moon - Man tells me its an emotional/dreamy man. He mirrors Sun too so he is cheerful and optimistic.

I love this part. This man is someone I have been trying to "open up" for quite a while now & I like the fact that its working, finally. The Moon relates to the night time because they say, late night conversations are the sincerest conversations.

Other information:
We have Two Queens so gossip and Two Aces, so authority and leadership (may be an authoritative man who is cheerful) and Two 8's which symbolize happy times.

I have had fun. I attended two job fairs, two family dinners and lots of gossip. 

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