Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Moon in Scorpio, November 2012

This New Moon is activating my third house of thinking & communication (& short journeys). According to

The third house rules our communication skills, learning, methods, daily interactions and contact, and general "busy-ness". This is a favorable time for learning something new, feeling at ease in social situations, taking care of the details of daily life, and developing a mental rapport with others. It is a time when you will be more aware of your environment, and when you experience increased alertness. It's a good time to take tests, fill out forms, start a new course, write letters, make phone calls, and take care of daily tasks with energy. 

Taking a Look at the spread for this lunar month:

Theme Card is Tower which is basically Public authorities, anything standing for a long time, long-term goals & ambitions and isolation. Not something new at all. 

Trigger card is Birds, a phone call or mental chatter and nervousness. So the concern this month is isolation and ambition, which is triggered by the mental chatter I have been facing. In terms of work, this can mean the company I will working for will be the concern triggered by the usual nervousness you have in initial months of your first employment.This will lead to Ship, travelling or a big change.

Keeping theme of Birds (nervousness), Tower (isolation) and Ship (longing) I see a sense of isolation and quiet time this month.

Past: Birds- Clover - Letter a phone call presented with an opportunity . This may be referring to the work placement call and letter.

Heart - Tower - Ring
Very interesting. Tower is what is coldness in relationship and readings. Here this card is between Heart (affection) and Ring (a relationship or bind). Taking is this way Heart-Tower = isolation from love or warmth, a cold heart, will lead to a love for or long-term isolation (Tower - Ring) where I will be committing myself more to my goals.

Rider - Anchor - Ship
I see a message from an organization (may be international) which may be a work related offer. I was expecting Anchor this month because Anchor is my "work" card and since I have got a job placement I can pretty much looking for Anchor. With Tower, I'm certain I will be placed  probably in a large enterprise. This can be a foreign organization (Anchor-Ship) or a mobile one (Anchor-Rider).

Corner Cards:
These cards tell us the context or concern. Birds - Ship - Rider - Letter. This whole thing screams "communication" to me. Birds are phone calls, mental chatter, Rider is Instant messaging, Letter is also emails and text messages. Ship is messaging someone far away. Well, something very much on my mind, probably for rest of the month too. With New Moon in house of communication, I do expect writing long notes.

Central Cross as answer:
Heart - Clover - Tower - Anchor - Ring

I see a small opportunity which might lead to a work or employment contract. I do expect them to sign me as permanent employee right away but I intend to prove myself and commit myself to my work in coming weeks. This feels really good.

Extra Information:
Birds - Rider with Ring
I see a strong connection developing over phone or messaging.

Letter - Ship with Heart
Again, a message from far away, love notes to someone far away.

There are Two 6's , Things coming together or falling into place
Two 7's, life changing events
Two 9's, Higher education or travel industry (which makes me wonder if Anchor-Ship and Rider - Anchor can be travel agencies!)

See you in a month!


  1. Hi Alyna! Been a while since we spoke...Michelle from Andy's Cabinet here...This looks like an AMAZING 3x3 to me! Don't be stressed, dear, cuz you are in for a good month ahead, I'd say, give or take a week, possibly New Years.

    How's it going?

  2. Hi Michelle hope you doing well. yes I like the spread, The Tower has not been effecting me negatively at all, its just strengthening me so far. Lots of things are already making sense. I'm positive it will be a great month.Thank you for stopping by!

  3. I finally started a blog- as suggested by Andy. Please stop by sometime, would love some feedback. Am trying to get the tech-y stuff down, too, and your spreads are very well done...the scanner size limits my line of nines. You have a very tidy look, here. I love that you are so regular in posting and do other spreads than just daily's.
    My site is:
    I use the cards a little differently, but mostly very traditional.

    1. Thank you Michelle for stopping by. Loved your blog :)))