Friday, November 4, 2011

A relationship reading

I found a great spread for insight into  situation,here
So i decided to do it for me and a guy:
here it is

Present Situation:
I would have been shocked if the Snake had not appeared in this case. I have stopped looking at snake as trouble, its me. I look at the snake like this is Me in the relationship. The Rider on one side and Anchor on the other shows there is a dilemma, whether to rush into a relationship or wait for being stable first, this sums the situation quite well.He wants to rush while I 'm holding back, testing the grounds.

Advice:Heart + Dog
So I should trust his love and love him back. He is actually very loyal kind of guy so no wonder to see heart +Dog here. I should trust him.

Outcome: Scythe
A break up may be. I glanced at card lower than scythe, Whip, which means trouble in communication which is nothing unexpected for me since we both are quite quick-tempered.

I have to wait and see if this is a break up or just troubles!

UPDATE: Its already been over. The scythe was me cutting him off just like that because I was scared of getting too deeply involved and the troubles that always existed between us even though it was for very short time, the Snake was always between us.

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