Sunday, January 6, 2013

Week 1 , 2013 (Updated)

Week 2

Theme Card: Storks

Since the Storks is following the Mice, I see it as a loss of an improvement or an opportunity for an improvement. However the card on other side seems good, with Ship which talks about relocation or a move, like an actual move.

I did think I lost a chance, actually a lot of chances. This weeks been crazy and there has lots been happening really and Mice, well, that was the culprit. I do see myself changing direction, paths , courses, whatever you call it.

Left arm:
Moon  - Bear - Mice

There are large honours and appreciation, but at the same time this results in loss of strength or energy. With the cold and fever kicking in, I can see how hard it will be for me to manage my reputation as an efficient worker and my lower energy levels.

I had big time troubles with some influential and authoritative people, at home. This made me emotional, more than it should have. Mice did make me cry lot many times this week :(

Bear + Mice was also some financial worries and loss of money, last few bucks I had.

Right arms:
Ship - Man - Roads

longing for a man who is unable to make his mind up or is facing a choice.

LOL now that I read it, I can't believe I nailed it down so well. There are two men actually who are facing choices and they just can't make their minds up. They both are physically distant from me, which explains the Ship and it involves women, two, for both of them.

Extra Information:
Two Queens talk about gossip
Two Tens about Travelling and with Ship also there, I see there might be some travelling involved.

Have a fantastic week everyone!

The only travelling I did this week was from home to work and work to home, literally nothing else.

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