Monday, January 28, 2013

Grand Tableau from Feb - April 2013 (Updated)

Three months & I have not done a monthly GT. I always get so occupied with everyday things.
I will rather throw me a three-months GT right now & then I will do it for next four months since I already missed January (too late).

GT for Feb - Apr 2013

The initial Cut:

Cross - Snake - Stars
It tells me there is a burden or sadness coming up which must come to pass, possibly a female boss, an older woman being a pain or something but this will lead to me getting even more spiritually stronger. Stars as the last card is just opening the pathway, more hope, more faith for me.

Update: I don't know how to say it or put it but I have started hating the Cross card. It always brings bad & negative times with it. I have been having lots of Ups and Downs in these 3 months. I was passively going from being optimistic to downright a pessimistic lonely soul. Nothing has worked for me in last three months, NOTHING at all!!! 

First Three Cards:

Man - Birds - Rider
A nervous man, a worried man, will be visiting or calling or texting etc. This man, can be a lot of people but this is what is important now. Yes, I do need some answers, some clarifications from someone.

Corner cards:

Man - Roads
A man is facing a decision. (now is he?)
Coffin - Snake
A woman or a complication is giving me pain, stressing, worrying me. I usually look at Snake representing my mother since she is slightly complicated woman & we have a difficult relationship.

Man - Coffin
This man is actually really worried but it will only be short-term
Snake - Roads
The woman is facing a choice.

Update: Well the cards were speaking pretty much everything.

Fate Cards:
Bear - Mountain - House - Cross
I see financial delays and problems in gaining and retaining my strength. This will be leading to some additional burdens at home or more responsibilities towards family.

Bear - Mountain (Anchor - clouds & Fish Tower)
I really see cash problems, a delayed payment possibly, because work situation is not clear, & the money the last job (a bank) owes me is not coming yet.

House - Cross (Ship - Moon & Rider - Fox)
Problems at home, personal pains, making me feel down & grim, while a message or a man turns out to be false or cheating.

Update: If I have to put it in one line, I will say Financial(Bear) Difficulties, blockages (Mountain) that are massive and this is leading to NO comfort(House - Cross) for me whatsoever.

TRUTH at the best. I have had NO clarity whatsoever on financial front. My mobile phone was fried, I had no money & I had no job. I lost my stuff, I lost whatever savings I had in back to back purchase and sale of 3 phones. 

Looking at Anchor for job/career/work:

The presence of Dog suggests some help, possibly from an elderly man (Lilies) or a friend who helps without knowing (Book) is good but at the same time, both Clouds & Mountain look very very disappointing. However, Bear strengthens the long-term stability power of the job/career. The Key tells me there sure will be some problems ahead (Clouds) which cause delays (Mountain). Anchor is in house of Letter & house of Anchor there is House, so I do hope there will be some news about work coming soon, may be an official letter coming in which will put me to comfort & I will feel secure.

Update: I could already see the Anchor situation. Someone I just randomly met was nice enough to help me get in in an interview. But There is no clarity yet in the situation. 
About the official employment letter, I'm still waiting for it to show up :/

Looking at Woman/Lady:

I will mostly be wondering about my past in next three months. This is one of my least favourite position in a GT. Lady is the last card, there are no future cards. However, Cross as the last card puts an end to a chapter for good. With my Birthday in April, I really would like to turn a new leaf.
Lady is in house of Heart, so I can see me all kind & loving. In house 29 there is Ship so definitely leaving something behind & moving on is very clear here. On my mind will mostly be Coffin - Whips pains & strife which is my mental conflict and mostly frustration about things not moving ahead for me. Whats in my control is the choices, the decision & the options. The presence of Clover closer by tells me there are a few lucky options for me, still open.

Update: well, what can I say. Its true.

Looking at 33-Key for whats certain:

The positivity of Sun, Garden, Ship and presence of Bear in house 33, makes me slightly happy. The Key makes certain these areas will be highlighted or will definitely come to pass. The Clouds are sure there, some obstacles, but there will be happiness & success (Sun), more social activity (Garden) & may be travel (Ship). I'm planning a holiday, so Ship looks good around Key.


  1. Wow! I'm always surprised by how you have mastered this very complex layout! You get so much information from it, it's fantastic!

    I've always wanted to learn it but the fact is I have never been a very competent Lenormand reader, not even to smaller layouts. Still, it's an oracle that fascinates me, specially when used by talented reader such as yourself! :)

    1. Hi

      Thank you so much for encouragement. I have not thrown a GT in about 3 months now because GT is too extensive and there is a lot to absorb. That i why for first time I have tried one for 3 months instead of 1. Lets see if it works for me

      TBH i think not everything is for all of us. I sometimes feel better with Tarot and sometimes with Lenormand but honestly sometimes I also feel lost. Lenormand takes lots of practice & dedication.

      I hope you learn & learn well. Unfortunately there are no short cuts!!

      A xx