Monday, January 21, 2013

Relationship Spread!

This spread is a pretty popular one when it comes to relationships and I found it on Madam Seaqueen's lenormand blog.

Above the Lady: Her thoughts and plans
Right of the Lady: Her hopes and desires
Left of the Lady: Qualities she displays in the relationship
Below the Lady: Her feelings

On the Gentleman’s side:

Above the Gentleman: His thoughts and plans
Left of the Gentleman: His hopes and desires
Right of the Gentleman: Qualities he displays in the relationship
Below the Gentleman: His feelings

The spread is done for me and this guy I met at a New Year Party.

Checking out the Lady side first:

Thoughts and Plans:
The Bear for me is usually a dominating, strong & protective man. Dominating this man is harder than you even think. On other hand this card also suggests I'm more focused on my strength and power, both physical and financial. This card can be both in my case. My thoughts are usually on another guy, who unfortunately doesn't feel as strongly towards me as I do towards him & at the same time I'm more focused on learning and having a strong financial base right now.

Hopes & Desires:
Before I even pulled the cards I was already thinking what will I get in this position & this reminded me of last night when someone asked me "Do you like kids?" and I was like "yeah, I want 3 of them, 2 boys and a girl". Its funny how I'm obsessed with Kids and my thoughts are all on being strong enough, for my kids, who someday will look up to mommy & know who they want to be like! 
Child also suggests I want sensitivity & naiveness, in this relationship.

My feelings are very much open & flighty you might say. I think the last thing on my mind right now is a romantic relationship & my feelings change a lot, when it comes to matters of romance. I'm more concerned with my freedom than with anything. 

Qualities I display in relationship:
Hope, faith, dreams and positive energy like that. I also associate this card with new paths and new hopes. This shows that I bring the element of hope in the relationship.

Now taking a look at him:
His thoughts and Plans:
Looks like he is stressed and troubled. Reminds me of the time when I met him and he was very very keen to make friends with me & I asked him why & he said "I thought I needed someone to talk to". Looks like there is something that is upsetting him in a bad way.

Hopes & Desires:
Ring: Oh that explains a lot of things. He seeks a connection, which he told me in our first meeting. He is looking for a stable commitment sort of thing, (but he says the opposite :/ ) and he hopes for a stronger and deeper connection. He is a Libra, 7th house ruler and ruled by Venus, so if he hopes for a relationship, he is very much in tune with what he really needs.

His Feelings:
House: He feels safe & comfortable. 

Qualities he displays in the relationship:
Heart: Yes he is very compassionate and very caring towards me.

So looking at the situation, He wants a relationship, he is warm and caring & he feels comfortable then what is troubling him (Mountain)? May be its my thoughts of another man I share with him that bother him. But I do bring hope in the relationship but at the same time my feelings are very changeable and inconsistent.

The good part is he wants a stable connection & I want kids.
He feels comfortable and secure & I feel change & improvement.
He shows love & I show hope.

The only thing that bothers me is, he is stressed because my thoughts are on power & strength (& another man) instead of him.

To get the outcome, we have to add the cards:
Mine: 15 + 13 + 16 + 17 = 61 = 7 - Snake
His: 21 + 25 + 24 + 04 = 74 = 11 - Whips

Adding both 7 + 11 = 18 - Dog & 9-Flowers

so Whips + Snake means conflicts and troubles along with arguments. Interestingly both are Jack & Queen of same suit & can be representing me & him, he is very athletic & sporty & communicative while I'm bit colder, career-focused & complicated. The outcome however, leads to good faithful friendship or happy nice company. We can say that troubles and verbal complications are there, we might even have some communication issues, but the outcome is good friends & happy endings with hearts & roses.

Phew! I welcome your views on this. Thank you :))

EDIT: I really loved what madam Seaqueen wrote about Snake as the lover/woman in her blogpost here. It simply explains ME!

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  1. Great post....I didn't know the part about adding the cards together for outcome..........thanks!