Friday, August 19, 2011

Exams Results reading

My exams result is expected in next three days and I decided to do one for myself like I did for my brother.
Question: What should I expect, in regard to my result?


House + Coffin + Stars + Flowers + Clouds

House= my home or private life, my sense of security
Coffin = end of something, transformation from one phase to another
Stars= hope, success - Central Card
Flowers = invitation, company
Clouds = There are two sides to clouds, since the light side is towards flowers therefore, it represents that bad time has already been over and a matter is going to be clear now.

Combining them all, what I get is, there is some transformation (Coffin) in my private life (House) through a success (Star) in society (Flowers) which will come out of fog now (Clouds)

With the stars card in center, I'm pretty positive about the whole situation. Hope it all turns out well!

UPDATE: The Stars+ Flower combo did bring a very very happy new for me, i scored well above 90% and it was so great. The House+Coffin combo was actually representing stress in the house because my brother had his result announced on same day and it did not go well for him :( so that created stress in the house.Clouds were a good sign :)

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