Friday, August 12, 2011

3-cards weekend spread

After giving a try to daily draws, i decided to do a 3-cards spread for weekend. according to iris Treppener, a 3 cards spread will be for 1-3 days, therefore, I have chosen weekend for my first 3-cards spread.

The three cards I drew were:


Iris Treppner also gives a guideline as to how to interpret the 3-cardsspread. Using the same guideline I will interpret them and then I will interpret them according to my own intuition.

1) Iris Treppner course Interpretations:

Cross+ Flower = destined to be happy, destined satisfaction
Flower + scythe = (given the scythe is facing away from the flowers) unexpected surprise, unexpected joy

Overview: An unexpected(scythe) surprise (flowers) which is either destined to happen, or is something from past.

Wow, that is a really good message and I'm anxiously waiting for it :)

UPDATE on Sunday: I got a surprise, totally unexpected, about something from past. It was actually a shocking revelation.

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