Wednesday, March 25, 2020

What is going on between M + M?

Weather : Sunny / Cloudy

Cards: Sun + Bear + Mice

Key Card: Sun = Happiness, success

Sun + Bear = lot of happiness and positivity
Sun + Mice = crumbling happiness and positivity

All three cards together, I can sense that there is a lot of positivity and success in this connection which is now crumbling. Maybe a business matter (Bear) is making the happiness (sun) wither away (Mice). For some reason, I have started paying a lot of attention to the last card in reading to see where the situation is going. Whatever is to the left of Mice is what's weakening. Bear must be a strong sense of protection which is now growing weak. Mice also represent stealing. Bear + Mice may represent stealing the business or lying about success (Sun).

Overall it looks like whatever strong connection was there, is now getting weaker and worrisome.

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