Sunday, November 25, 2018

Hi back- Storks+ Ring +Mountain

I am back to reading Lenormand after five and half years 😆
This time I was so drawn into this, I created a deck of my own, hoping it will cooperate since I am starting after a REALLY long time again

Weather : clear and warm
Cards: Storks + Ring + Mountain
Key Card: Ring- which means contract to me because I was thinking about work when I asked the cards what will be the most important event tomorrow.

Key words: 17-storks- news, new beginning, promotion
21- Mountain- blockages, delays, hurdles
Prediction: since I have resigned from my current job, I was hoping to sign a new contract from another employer this week. But I have not heard from my perspective employer except that they invited me to attend a workshop they’ll be conducting the next week. I’m going to see them tomorrow & inquire about the contract. I can sense that they will inform me about the delays in my contract or may be they hand me the contract itself because Mountain also means long-standing or long term.

What Happened in relation to cards:


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