Thursday, May 30, 2013

GT for May - August 2013

I'm sorry I will put the picture up soon:

Child --- Tree -- ----Heart ---Mouse ---Coffin ----Stars ---Clover ----Book
Tower --Flowers----Letter --Clouds -- -Man ------Moon -- Fox -- ---Dog
Sun -----Mountain - House -- Storks -- -Roads -- -Rider -- Ring -- ----Cross
Scythe -- Snake -- --Birds -- Anchor --- Garden -- Lady -- -Fish ------- Key
-----------------------Ship -- Bear ------Whips ----Lilies---------------

Initial Cut:

Lilies - House - Tower

Since Lilies represents an older man & family in some forms, with close to house I will say a man is isolated, someone in family, or might be buying an apartment (House - Tower = apartment)

First Three Cards:

These are what is important right now:
Child - Tree - Heart

I will say its a new approach to a love for health or healthy heart in other words.

Since May has already passed, I can vouch for this. I have started my new fitness challenge program. Basically focusing on heart rate & metabolism instead of stretching or sweating it out!

Fate Line:

Ship - Bear - Whips - Lilies

I sense a major move, a huge move, for a man, which leads to some conflicts & then peace/rest & harmony.

Ship - Bear / Birds - Anchor -Coffin - Stars
This is something related to work or job. A boss, an overseas connection, which brings a new hope after a short transformation.

Whips - Lilies/ Garden - Lady - Heart - House

Why am I getting a vibe for a passionate sex (whips - Lilies) here? Not good k.

Looking at Lady:

Lady is in house of Lilies, so I expect some wisdom, sexuality & advising. in house of Lady 29 is Garden, so lots of out & about, socialising. Still there is a lot of looking back on the past & I have hated this position in last four months too.
In past: There have been conflicts (Whips) & lot of worries about Job (Birds - Anchor). Heart - Clouds - Roads has basically just sum my situation up. I have no idea where I'm heading.

Right now on my mind is A hope for something new, may be just an illusion (Stars - Moon - Rider). I also want a news, about my job, my dreams, my hopes.

MOST INTERESTING PART is the Ring -Dog combo. Its usually a strong bond or a really strong attachment with a friend. But Ring is in house of Mice & in house of Ring is Scythe, so its something very very vulnerable to a breakup may be.Dog is surrounded by Fox & Book, so little is known about this "friend" & this friend does bring something fate or something very important to pass (Cross - Key).

SECOND MOST IMPORTANT bit is Fish - Key in future cards. Key is also in house of Moon & Ship is in house of Key, so I expect on job/money front, things are just going to improve.

Looking at Anchor for Job:

Anchor is in house of Man & in house of Anchor is Whips. So I expect two or repeated offer from a former employer may be. Roads also confirm there is two options or choices. Birds is also present near Anchor. Presence of Garden shows its a socialising kind of job, with Storks & House it might be a change or movement of residence because of work. I don't see job heading anywhere but last card in the same line is Key & there is also positive cards like Ship, Storks (Change, movement) around, so I expect some news on that front.

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