Wednesday, March 25, 2020

What is going on between M + M?

Weather : Sunny / Cloudy

Cards: Sun + Bear + Mice

Key Card: Sun = Happiness, success

Sun + Bear = lot of happiness and positivity
Sun + Mice = crumbling happiness and positivity

All three cards together, I can sense that there is a lot of positivity and success in this connection which is now crumbling. Maybe a business matter (Bear) is making the happiness (sun) wither away (Mice). For some reason, I have started paying a lot of attention to the last card in reading to see where the situation is going. Whatever is to the left of Mice is what's weakening. Bear must be a strong sense of protection which is now growing weak. Mice also represent stealing. Bear + Mice may represent stealing the business or lying about success (Sun).

Overall it looks like whatever strong connection was there, is now getting weaker and worrisome.

Daily Draw: Cross + Lilies + Flowers

Weather: Sunny / Cloudy
Cards: Cross + Lilies + Flowers (Boquet)

Key Card:  Cross
Key words: Burden, pain

Lilies represent sexuality, passionate energy. Next to the Cross being key card, it looks like there is suffering because of extra/passionate/sexual energy. With Flowers next to Lilies, I want to term this a booty call since Flowers represent a visit or an invitation of some sort. But Cross is the key card, it will be a painful or rather something that causes displeasure.

What Happened in relation to cards: Hard to jot this one down without getting my blog rated for sexual content. It was related to minor discomfort.

Daily Draw: Lady + Anchor + Coffin

Weather : Snow / Rain
Cards: Lady + Anchor + Coffin

Key Card: Lady
Key words:

Lady + Anchor: A lady who is stable and anchored, grounded, working woman because Anchor is work card for me
Lady + Coffin = an ending, lady for whom something is ending
Anchor + Coffin = end of stability

 Prediction: A lady and something about her job ending or her stability coming to an end.

What Happened in relation to cards: During these tough times, I was expecting this but I got to hear about a lady losing her long-term because of the organization closing their operations here.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

What do we need to know about Corona Virus COVID-19?

Weather: Cloudy
 Cards: Moon + Mice + Crossroads

Key Card: Moon
Moon: Public recognition, intuition, emotions, night-time
Mice: nagging worries, loss of sleep, whatever is to right is lost
Crossroads: options, decisions, more than one

Moon + Mice = loss of sleep, stressful nights, worrying  recognition, hidden things surfacing

Looking at the Moon being main card, I can see that this virus has got our attention and should be paid attention to. There will be phases of highs and lows just like the moon changes its phases. Next to the moon card, we have Mice, which also means loss of sleep for me. I am sure many are having sleepless nights. There is constant worries and emotional dilemma with both people and authorities right now.
With Mice and Roads, I sense there are not many options available. We need this to globally take it's toll and then find alternatives.
We need to rely on our instincts and creativity here. I still take Moon as a positive card here with Roads and believe there will be alternatives found soon. Maybe in couple of lunar cycles, we get to hear a piece of good news.

What are your cards telling you?

New deck: New energy!

Greetings in 2020!

I got so occupied with so much happening in my life that I stopped reading at all.

However, recent events and a strange desire to start reading again, pushed me to order a new deck, which thankfully got delivered the next day & I decided to start posting here again. 

With new energy and new deck, I welcome you all Lenormand Lovers back to my blog!

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Hi back- Storks+ Ring +Mountain

I am back to reading Lenormand after five and half years 😆
This time I was so drawn into this, I created a deck of my own, hoping it will cooperate since I am starting after a REALLY long time again

Weather : clear and warm
Cards: Storks + Ring + Mountain
Key Card: Ring- which means contract to me because I was thinking about work when I asked the cards what will be the most important event tomorrow.

Key words: 17-storks- news, new beginning, promotion
21- Mountain- blockages, delays, hurdles
Prediction: since I have resigned from my current job, I was hoping to sign a new contract from another employer this week. But I have not heard from my perspective employer except that they invited me to attend a workshop they’ll be conducting the next week. I’m going to see them tomorrow & inquire about the contract. I can sense that they will inform me about the delays in my contract or may be they hand me the contract itself because Mountain also means long-standing or long term.

What Happened in relation to cards:


Thursday, May 30, 2013

GT for May - August 2013

I'm sorry I will put the picture up soon:

Child --- Tree -- ----Heart ---Mouse ---Coffin ----Stars ---Clover ----Book
Tower --Flowers----Letter --Clouds -- -Man ------Moon -- Fox -- ---Dog
Sun -----Mountain - House -- Storks -- -Roads -- -Rider -- Ring -- ----Cross
Scythe -- Snake -- --Birds -- Anchor --- Garden -- Lady -- -Fish ------- Key
-----------------------Ship -- Bear ------Whips ----Lilies---------------

Initial Cut:

Lilies - House - Tower

Since Lilies represents an older man & family in some forms, with close to house I will say a man is isolated, someone in family, or might be buying an apartment (House - Tower = apartment)

First Three Cards:

These are what is important right now:
Child - Tree - Heart

I will say its a new approach to a love for health or healthy heart in other words.

Since May has already passed, I can vouch for this. I have started my new fitness challenge program. Basically focusing on heart rate & metabolism instead of stretching or sweating it out!

Fate Line:

Ship - Bear - Whips - Lilies

I sense a major move, a huge move, for a man, which leads to some conflicts & then peace/rest & harmony.

Ship - Bear / Birds - Anchor -Coffin - Stars
This is something related to work or job. A boss, an overseas connection, which brings a new hope after a short transformation.

Whips - Lilies/ Garden - Lady - Heart - House

Why am I getting a vibe for a passionate sex (whips - Lilies) here? Not good k.

Looking at Lady:

Lady is in house of Lilies, so I expect some wisdom, sexuality & advising. in house of Lady 29 is Garden, so lots of out & about, socialising. Still there is a lot of looking back on the past & I have hated this position in last four months too.
In past: There have been conflicts (Whips) & lot of worries about Job (Birds - Anchor). Heart - Clouds - Roads has basically just sum my situation up. I have no idea where I'm heading.

Right now on my mind is A hope for something new, may be just an illusion (Stars - Moon - Rider). I also want a news, about my job, my dreams, my hopes.

MOST INTERESTING PART is the Ring -Dog combo. Its usually a strong bond or a really strong attachment with a friend. But Ring is in house of Mice & in house of Ring is Scythe, so its something very very vulnerable to a breakup may be.Dog is surrounded by Fox & Book, so little is known about this "friend" & this friend does bring something fate or something very important to pass (Cross - Key).

SECOND MOST IMPORTANT bit is Fish - Key in future cards. Key is also in house of Moon & Ship is in house of Key, so I expect on job/money front, things are just going to improve.

Looking at Anchor for Job:

Anchor is in house of Man & in house of Anchor is Whips. So I expect two or repeated offer from a former employer may be. Roads also confirm there is two options or choices. Birds is also present near Anchor. Presence of Garden shows its a socialising kind of job, with Storks & House it might be a change or movement of residence because of work. I don't see job heading anywhere but last card in the same line is Key & there is also positive cards like Ship, Storks (Change, movement) around, so I expect some news on that front.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lenormand Daily Dose: New Blog

I have been off blogging for a long time mainly because Blogger app for my phone is not too good, the default browser of my phone is not fully supported by blogger & lots of technicalities to wash down. In routine days I have no time for switching the laptop on & bear with its slowness.

To cut the crap, I have set up a new blog for posting directly from my mobile phone. I have posted in last three days and so far I think I can do it.

I will try my best to keep the blog strictly "Daily draws only". Just to give all you learners an idea how the cards tell you things in daily readings.

Link to the blog here:

Lenormand Daily Dose

Happy reading!!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Grand Tableau from Feb - April 2013 (Updated)

Three months & I have not done a monthly GT. I always get so occupied with everyday things.
I will rather throw me a three-months GT right now & then I will do it for next four months since I already missed January (too late).

GT for Feb - Apr 2013

The initial Cut:

Cross - Snake - Stars
It tells me there is a burden or sadness coming up which must come to pass, possibly a female boss, an older woman being a pain or something but this will lead to me getting even more spiritually stronger. Stars as the last card is just opening the pathway, more hope, more faith for me.

Update: I don't know how to say it or put it but I have started hating the Cross card. It always brings bad & negative times with it. I have been having lots of Ups and Downs in these 3 months. I was passively going from being optimistic to downright a pessimistic lonely soul. Nothing has worked for me in last three months, NOTHING at all!!! 

First Three Cards:

Man - Birds - Rider
A nervous man, a worried man, will be visiting or calling or texting etc. This man, can be a lot of people but this is what is important now. Yes, I do need some answers, some clarifications from someone.

Corner cards:

Man - Roads
A man is facing a decision. (now is he?)
Coffin - Snake
A woman or a complication is giving me pain, stressing, worrying me. I usually look at Snake representing my mother since she is slightly complicated woman & we have a difficult relationship.

Man - Coffin
This man is actually really worried but it will only be short-term
Snake - Roads
The woman is facing a choice.

Update: Well the cards were speaking pretty much everything.

Fate Cards:
Bear - Mountain - House - Cross
I see financial delays and problems in gaining and retaining my strength. This will be leading to some additional burdens at home or more responsibilities towards family.

Bear - Mountain (Anchor - clouds & Fish Tower)
I really see cash problems, a delayed payment possibly, because work situation is not clear, & the money the last job (a bank) owes me is not coming yet.

House - Cross (Ship - Moon & Rider - Fox)
Problems at home, personal pains, making me feel down & grim, while a message or a man turns out to be false or cheating.

Update: If I have to put it in one line, I will say Financial(Bear) Difficulties, blockages (Mountain) that are massive and this is leading to NO comfort(House - Cross) for me whatsoever.

TRUTH at the best. I have had NO clarity whatsoever on financial front. My mobile phone was fried, I had no money & I had no job. I lost my stuff, I lost whatever savings I had in back to back purchase and sale of 3 phones. 

Looking at Anchor for job/career/work:

The presence of Dog suggests some help, possibly from an elderly man (Lilies) or a friend who helps without knowing (Book) is good but at the same time, both Clouds & Mountain look very very disappointing. However, Bear strengthens the long-term stability power of the job/career. The Key tells me there sure will be some problems ahead (Clouds) which cause delays (Mountain). Anchor is in house of Letter & house of Anchor there is House, so I do hope there will be some news about work coming soon, may be an official letter coming in which will put me to comfort & I will feel secure.

Update: I could already see the Anchor situation. Someone I just randomly met was nice enough to help me get in in an interview. But There is no clarity yet in the situation. 
About the official employment letter, I'm still waiting for it to show up :/

Looking at Woman/Lady:

I will mostly be wondering about my past in next three months. This is one of my least favourite position in a GT. Lady is the last card, there are no future cards. However, Cross as the last card puts an end to a chapter for good. With my Birthday in April, I really would like to turn a new leaf.
Lady is in house of Heart, so I can see me all kind & loving. In house 29 there is Ship so definitely leaving something behind & moving on is very clear here. On my mind will mostly be Coffin - Whips pains & strife which is my mental conflict and mostly frustration about things not moving ahead for me. Whats in my control is the choices, the decision & the options. The presence of Clover closer by tells me there are a few lucky options for me, still open.

Update: well, what can I say. Its true.

Looking at 33-Key for whats certain:

The positivity of Sun, Garden, Ship and presence of Bear in house 33, makes me slightly happy. The Key makes certain these areas will be highlighted or will definitely come to pass. The Clouds are sure there, some obstacles, but there will be happiness & success (Sun), more social activity (Garden) & may be travel (Ship). I'm planning a holiday, so Ship looks good around Key.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Relationship Spread!

This spread is a pretty popular one when it comes to relationships and I found it on Madam Seaqueen's lenormand blog.

Above the Lady: Her thoughts and plans
Right of the Lady: Her hopes and desires
Left of the Lady: Qualities she displays in the relationship
Below the Lady: Her feelings

On the Gentleman’s side:

Above the Gentleman: His thoughts and plans
Left of the Gentleman: His hopes and desires
Right of the Gentleman: Qualities he displays in the relationship
Below the Gentleman: His feelings

The spread is done for me and this guy I met at a New Year Party.

Checking out the Lady side first:

Thoughts and Plans:
The Bear for me is usually a dominating, strong & protective man. Dominating this man is harder than you even think. On other hand this card also suggests I'm more focused on my strength and power, both physical and financial. This card can be both in my case. My thoughts are usually on another guy, who unfortunately doesn't feel as strongly towards me as I do towards him & at the same time I'm more focused on learning and having a strong financial base right now.

Hopes & Desires:
Before I even pulled the cards I was already thinking what will I get in this position & this reminded me of last night when someone asked me "Do you like kids?" and I was like "yeah, I want 3 of them, 2 boys and a girl". Its funny how I'm obsessed with Kids and my thoughts are all on being strong enough, for my kids, who someday will look up to mommy & know who they want to be like! 
Child also suggests I want sensitivity & naiveness, in this relationship.

My feelings are very much open & flighty you might say. I think the last thing on my mind right now is a romantic relationship & my feelings change a lot, when it comes to matters of romance. I'm more concerned with my freedom than with anything. 

Qualities I display in relationship:
Hope, faith, dreams and positive energy like that. I also associate this card with new paths and new hopes. This shows that I bring the element of hope in the relationship.

Now taking a look at him:
His thoughts and Plans:
Looks like he is stressed and troubled. Reminds me of the time when I met him and he was very very keen to make friends with me & I asked him why & he said "I thought I needed someone to talk to". Looks like there is something that is upsetting him in a bad way.

Hopes & Desires:
Ring: Oh that explains a lot of things. He seeks a connection, which he told me in our first meeting. He is looking for a stable commitment sort of thing, (but he says the opposite :/ ) and he hopes for a stronger and deeper connection. He is a Libra, 7th house ruler and ruled by Venus, so if he hopes for a relationship, he is very much in tune with what he really needs.

His Feelings:
House: He feels safe & comfortable. 

Qualities he displays in the relationship:
Heart: Yes he is very compassionate and very caring towards me.

So looking at the situation, He wants a relationship, he is warm and caring & he feels comfortable then what is troubling him (Mountain)? May be its my thoughts of another man I share with him that bother him. But I do bring hope in the relationship but at the same time my feelings are very changeable and inconsistent.

The good part is he wants a stable connection & I want kids.
He feels comfortable and secure & I feel change & improvement.
He shows love & I show hope.

The only thing that bothers me is, he is stressed because my thoughts are on power & strength (& another man) instead of him.

To get the outcome, we have to add the cards:
Mine: 15 + 13 + 16 + 17 = 61 = 7 - Snake
His: 21 + 25 + 24 + 04 = 74 = 11 - Whips

Adding both 7 + 11 = 18 - Dog & 9-Flowers

so Whips + Snake means conflicts and troubles along with arguments. Interestingly both are Jack & Queen of same suit & can be representing me & him, he is very athletic & sporty & communicative while I'm bit colder, career-focused & complicated. The outcome however, leads to good faithful friendship or happy nice company. We can say that troubles and verbal complications are there, we might even have some communication issues, but the outcome is good friends & happy endings with hearts & roses.

Phew! I welcome your views on this. Thank you :))

EDIT: I really loved what madam Seaqueen wrote about Snake as the lover/woman in her blogpost here. It simply explains ME!